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Multi-level video marketing & Direct Sales!

If you are a Music Artist, Producers, or Agent?

Share Up to 5 Free Songs for Our Dancers to Select and They Will Makes you The Most watched and listened to Music Video around The World.

You Support Our Professional with Your Music -

So they can compete in our Worldwide Music Video Competions

Our Professional dancers will create the Most Watched Music Video's on YouTube & other Networks.

You can use This Document Form For Initial Contact -->

Once Your application is accepted, you will receive a direct account info from our Rep.

Going over,..documentations fees & services.

NOTE: Supported Bands & Artists Are NEVER charged a fee or charge For Participation & Advertising.

Music Submission Can be recieved be email: in wav & mp3 format.

Bands Who choose to Provide 3rd Party Playlist Music Links for Promotion are Allowed.

You are only a Supported Band once *Syncronozation Music License Agreement Has been Documented and Verified.

All Partnership Video Productions Fees are Waived For All Bands That Are Supported!.

An Appointment with Music Rep is Scheduled For Obtaining Band Info: Schedule,Banners And Sell Links:

Required Items:

* Links & Band Info: This would include Band HomePage, Hyper Links To Any Sell

Accounts, Ex( ITunes ) a link to your myspace page is always helpful! Playable MP3 or Wave

Files.(before Band info is posted)

*Syncronozation Music License Agreement

Once all your paperwork and your set has been submitted, you will get an email about the

status of your photo & video set.

Music Artist Presentation